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Portaltech Reply Support and Operations are committed to helping clients achieve their business objectives by providing accurate, professional and proactive engagement.

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Portaltech Reply has gained substantial experience in ecommerce since inception in 2000 by working on some of Europe’s largest ecommerce and multichannel retailing projects.


hybris Design and Build

Portaltech Reply implement hybris using a unique methodology along with industry best practices, providing a solution on time, to budget and at a fixed price.

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hybris implementation

Best Practice

How to link a business model canvas with a hybris implementation

Portaltech Reply’ highly skilled ecommerce consultants deliver pragmatic advice and guidance, helping leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers to maximize the value of their multichannel programs by effectively balancing function, time to market, and expected return on investment.

B2B commerce

Best Practice

B2B Commerce Approach

Portaltech Reply has extensive experience in implementing B2B ecommerce solutions with multi-user account management, tailored assortments, customer-specific pricing, credit management and similar B2B functionality.
Portaltech Reply implements hybris B2B Commerce Accelerator to align your business to your customers with the industry’s most modern multi-channel commerce solution.

14.04.2014 / BLOG POST


Navigating the ‘boundary-less commerce’ landscape

The worlds of online and offline retail are rapidly converging and customers have come to expect a seamless experience and consistent service regardless of where the transaction is occurring. The pressure is now on for retailers to keep abreast of the rapidly changing commerce landscape in order to maintain their competitive advantage and encourage customer loyalty.