Managed Services

Portaltech Reply Support and Operations are committed to helping clients achieve their business objectives by providing accurate, professional and proactive engagement.

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Portaltech Reply has gained substantial experience in ecommerce since inception in 2000 by working on some of Europe’s largest ecommerce and multichannel retailing projects.


SAP Customer Experience Design and Build

Portaltech Reply implement SAP Customer Experience using agile project methods along with industry best practices, providing a solution on time, to budget and at a fixed price.

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SAP implementation

Best Practice

How to link a business model canvas with a SAP C/4HANA implementation

Portaltech Reply’ highly skilled eCommerce consultants deliver pragmatic advice and guidance, helping leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers to maximize the value of their multichannel programs by effectively balancing function, time to market, and expected return on investment.


Implementing B2B/B2C solutions with Shopware

Portaltech Reply has been an official partner of Shopware AG right from the start, and we have already implemented more than 140 Shopware projects. The focus is on the comprehensive Enterprise B2B/B2C solutions.

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B2B commerce

Best Practice

B2B Commerce Approach

Portaltech Reply has extensive experience in implementing B2B ecommerce solutions with multi-user account management, tailored assortments, customer-specific pricing, credit management and similar B2B functionality.
Portaltech Reply implements SAP Travel Accelerator to align your business to your customers with the industry’s most modern multi-channel commerce solution.

Performance Experts

How can you be confident that your ecommerce platform can handle the increase in traffic and transactions while delivering a seamless experience for your customers? This is where Portaltech Reply can help. Portaltech Reply are performance experts. They ensure they look at the whole solution, not just the hybris ecommerce element. Portaltech Reply can quickly and accurately perform a targeted health check.

Automated Test framework

The ecommerce technology has seen a shift from specialized platforms for B2B and B2C to a single coherent platform with an omnichannel mindset. At Portaltech Reply we understand the need and ensure the integrity of any platforms, accelerate the delivery of new features and enable regular updates. And because of this, Portaltech Reply has developed an Automated Test Framework for automating testing.

Empathy Marketing

Understanding a person’s needs, exactly when the need arises is the key to a new stage of personalized customer communication: Empathy Marketing. This concept revolves around “in-the-moment” context; to understand the customer’s intents and motivations, and focus their efforts on meeting their needs. The key measurement of success is not just to improve marketing performance, but the overall positive impact to the business across the organization.

Hybris Upgrade

SAP Hybris Commerce is always changing and improving to stay ahead of the competition. The changes/improvements typically contain functional enhancements, tackle platform defects, architectural modifications, and security updates.

Trust Research - findings

What role does trust play in the relationship between consumers and retailers, and how is this being affected by digital transformation? Find out the impact of trust on brand loyalty in this digital age.

Large Scale Agile Delivery Model

When moving to a new e-commerce platform from a legacy system, the time to introduce the new platform whilst keeping alive the existing platform is critical. Learn how Portaltech Reply employs their large scale agile delivery model to ensure a smooth and rapid migration in close collaboration with the client.

Headless e-commerce

The birth of e-commerce has offered retailers the ability to reach and sell to anyone online, firstly through multi-channel, and then moving to an omni-channel solution. Headless e-commerce is the future of online retail. Are you geared up for it?

4 ways to improve your e-commerce site

Building an e-Commerce business is a great way to sell product. Follow these recommendations to improve your e-commerce site: design for your target audience, keep it simple, low prices aren't always the most important thing and it's not all about technology. Boost your e-Commerce performance with Portaltech Reply.