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An international pharmaceutical company’s Global Digital team had engaged with Portaltech Reply in order to deliver a global e-commerce roll-out using SAP Commerce. The aim of this program is to deliver a direct to customer strategy for their B2B and B2B2C businesses. There are 3 main business units that are being considered from the outset - General Medicine (prescription drugs), Vaccines (Flu and travel vaccines) and OTC (over the counter drugs).


A greenfield implementation based on an existing template poised to evolve into the new Global eCommerce Template, envisaged to support faster future roll-outs and improved maintainability of e-commerce instances globally.


Taking over from a previous SI, this project is a migration of existing commerce solution to SAP Commerce platform and delivering a set of evolution features.


The project aim is to complete a customer-facing go-live for the territory enabling the Order Now Ship Now capability for Travel Vaccines and having built on top of the existing Flu Pre-Ordering capability. This project will deliver these capabilities off the back of Release 1 (MVP) and Release 2 (Evolution), however also Release 3 is planned and aimed at enablement of Indirect channel (direct access for customers of Wholesalers, B2B2C).

The program overall has a multitude of business benefits such as:

• Improved competitiveness with other market players who already have D2C solutions in place and thereby increasing turnover

• Maximising levels of business process automation and enabling customer self-service, thereby reducing the cost of customer-facing interactions

• Optimising eCommerce infrastructure, thereby reducing operational costs and maximising ROI by improving reusability and scalability of the solution

Beyond this the program will also achieve a set of technical benefits:

• Consolidation of local implementations on the basis of globally collocated instances, thereby enabling faster roll-outs in new regions

• Transition from CCV1 to CCV2, as CCV1 goes out of support and CCV2 is more cost efficient in the context of global operation

• Through instance consolidation process, the solution update path is simplified and therefore less effort and cost is required for maintenance of the platform

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