Who we are

Portaltech Reply is the leading SAP Hybris Partner with offices in Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

The company holds Platinum Elite Status and is awarded Global Partner of the Year several times with over 50 major SAP Hybris projects to its name.

Portaltech Reply offers an end-to-end set of products and services for multi-channel commerce. This includes: consulting, commerce platform implementation and integration, mobile and digital design, YaaS and on-premise warehouse management, proximity marketing, SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce, mobile payments and Cloud based hosting on the Amazon and Google platforms, wrapped in a full managed service from one single supplier.

Portaltech Reply clients include: Bunzl Group, Costco Wholesale, Delhaize Group, Monsoon & Accessorize and TUI Travel.

Portaltech Reply is part of Reply, a leading Consulting, Systems Integration and Application Management company, specialising in the creation and implementation of solutions based on new communication networks and digital media.

Based on a network of companies specialised by service offering, Reply combines the planning and organisational capacity of a large corporation with the flexibility and dynamism typical of specialist companies.

Reply supports the main European Industrial groups operating in Telco and Media, Banking, Insurance and Financial companies, Industry and Services, Energy and Utilities and Public Administration market segments.

eCommerce Replatforming

Case Study

Lavazza: SAP Customer Experience eCommerce replatforming

Portaltech Reply implemented a replat forming project on the SAP Customer Experience B2C platform for Lavazza’s eCommerce website, in a multichannel perspective.

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Social Commerce

As part of our focus on Social Commerce, we’ve developed a demo that explores how Social Commerce functionalities can be baked into the retail bricks and mortar experience. Click here to see this demo in motion. This has been built on Android using Google Vision hosted in the Cloud.

Omni-channel Commerce

Case Study

The Best of Both In-store and ecommerce Technologies

Portaltech Reply closely supported SPAR ICS in the implementation and customisation of the functionality of the new ecommerce platform, based on SAP Hybris technology. Today, a truly flexible layout allows Hervis customers to enjoy a unique shopping experience.


The Best of Both In-store and ecommerce Technologies 0


Performance Experts

How can you be confident that your ecommerce platform can handle the increase in traffic and transactions while delivering a seamless experience for your customers? This is where Portaltech Reply can help. Portaltech Reply are performance experts. They ensure they look at the whole solution, not just the hybris ecommerce element. Portaltech Reply can quickly and accurately perform a targeted health check.

19.02.2019 - 21.02.2019 / Düsseldorf


Visit EuroCIS 2019 – Technology never sleeps

Meet the experts from Portaltech Reply and Syskoplan Reply at SAP's booth at EuroCIS, the leading trade fair for retail technology. The focus of the booth lies on topics such as Omnichannel Retail and Intelligent Stores.

SAP Hybris suite

Case Study

P&O Ferries: new SAP Hybris multichannel commerce platform

P&O Ferries, the UK's leading ferry company with routes connecting the UK to France, Belgium, Holland and Ireland, has selected Portaltech Reply as the partner to assist in replace its existing eCommerce platform for Tourist business with the SAP Hybris Multi-Channel Commerce Suite.

P&O Ferries new SAP Hybris multichannel commerce platform 0

Empathy Marketing

Best Practice

Empathy Marketing: are we leveraging intuitive data?

The evolution of customer engagement was such that it evolved from brands deciding the content of the marketing campaigns to a two-way communication between the customer and the Brands. Portaltech Reply has established an Innovation Lab to support their clients in the next step of this evolution: leveraging intuitive data in real-time for a more empathetic marketing strategy.

Empathy Marketing are we leveraging intuitive data? 0


Best Practice


A robust and effective Social Commerce strategy will not work without a single customer view of consenting customers. This is required to orchestrate a data-driven model of reviews and ratings, influencers, and relevant content and offers. SAP’s Customer Data Cloud (SAP CDC) can do just that. The good news is we know how to implement it.

Influencer Marketing

Best Practice

Does influencer marketing leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Influencer marketing can come from endorsements from industry professionals, celebrities or even real people. Social media has increasingly enabled us to connect with these endorsers through a whole industry of real people monetising their followers, principally on Instagram and Youtube.

06.03.2018 - 07.03.2018 / Munchen


Internet World EXPO 2018

"The Future of Commerce" is this year's motto of Europe's leading e-commerce Exhibition Internet World EXPO 2018, taking place at Messe Munich from 06-07 March 2018. Here you can discover the the latest technologies and solutions in e-commerce, find inspiration and a platform for networking and learn about current trends for the future of e-commerce in numerous lectures. Meet the experts of Portaltech Reply at the partner stand of Shopware AG in Hall A6, Stand B035.


Best Practice


To provide omni-channel commerce implementation and meet the specific needs of different industries, Portaltech Reply, the Reply group company dedicated to eCommerce, has built customized Accelerators on SAP Hybris.


Accelerate time to market with the COMMERCE APPROACH most suitable FOR YOUR business.

SAP Hybris Commerce

Best Practice

Upgrading to the latest version of SAP Hybris Commerce

SAP Hybris Commerce is always changing and improving to stay ahead of the competition. The changes/improvements typically contain functional enhancements, tackle platform defects, architectural modifications, and security updates.

Multi-Country eCommerce

Case Study

Portaltech Reply helps Long Tall Sally grow further

Long Tall Sally wanted to launch and manage multiple sites through a new platform that was going to be easier to maintain and required less training than is often required when integrating disparate technologies. The new ecommerce system needed to support a multilanguage, multi-currency website to support its long term aims to build the brand globally.

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SAP Hybris


The SAP Hybris Partnership

100% dedicated to SAP Hybris and working with this technology since 2007, Portaltech Reply is SAP Hybris Platinum Elite Partner and has been named "Global Partner of the Year" three times. The SAP Hybris development teams are structured with a mix of SAP Hybris expert developers, SAP Hybris UI developers, technical architects and highly skilled SAP Hybris delivery managers.

The SAP Hybris Partnership 0


Best Practice

Headless Commerce - A big brain to enable the future of Commerce

E-commerce platforms have been changing in the past decade, trying to address the technology evolution and transformation, helping companies in supporting their customers in the purchase journey.

Ecommerce Platform

Best Practice

SAP Hybris Delivery Model - a blueprint for large-scale iterative development

At Portaltech Reply, we have embraced the agile revolution by putting our world-class SAP Hybris engineering team right at the heart of delivery and have established a pattern for large scale Agile programmes.


Best Practice

E-Commerce Mistakes that you can avoid

Building an e-Commerce business is a great way to sell product, as long as you avoid these 4 mistakes. Learn how to avoid them.

Customer Experience

Case Study

TUI embraces multichannel

Travel customers are moving to online channels and wanting a more personalised buying experience. TUI was looking for an ecommerce solution that would deliver a revolutionary customer experience while enabling an integrated, scalable architecture. The project was developed by Portaltech Reply and was one of the most complex implementations of SAP Hybris in Europe.

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