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Marketing Automation

The problem we solve

Historically, marketing’s contribution towards sales has been poorly understood within B2B businesses, leading to antipathy between the two disciplines. In some extreme cases, sales teams believe that marketing activities can distract or even prevent a new contract from being successfully converted, by bombarding the prospect with irrelevant and confusing messaging.

Our purpose is to therefore drive better alignment between sales and marketing. Marketing technology can be used to automate relevant messaging at scale for prospects as they move along a sales funnel, leading to a clear attribution for marketing’s contribution towards sales.

The end result is a marketing team that can focus on keeping the pipeline full with new potential customers, and a sales team with a hot list of prospects for conversion.

Our secret sauce

The interpretation and application of behavioural data to drive increased sales, requires heavy-lifting data engineering, insight and architecture.

Reply’s expertise in delivering powerful data integrations at scale for our customers, gives us an advantage over other Marketing Automation consultancies.
Consulting 0


Services include:
• Business process review
• Business strategy
• Workshops
• Customer journey mapping
• Customer lifecycle management
• Data management
• Channel strategy
• Coaching & training


Capability includes:
• Lead scoring
• Lead nurturing
• CRM and other system integration
• Event marketing campaign design
• Data cleansing and standardization
• Data segmentation
• Rollout management
• Reporting and measurement

Managed support 0

Managed support

Services include:
• Post-implementation consulting
• Campaign production and execution
• Email and landing page design and execution
• Lead capture and routing design
• CMO dashboards
• Lead source tracking
• Channel effectiveness
• Internationalization

Empathy Marketing

Understanding a person’s needs, exactly when the need arises is the key to a new stage of personalized customer communication: Empathy Marketing. This concept revolves around “in-the-moment” context; to understand the customer’s intents and motivations, and focus their efforts on meeting their needs. The key measurement of success is not just to improve marketing performance, but the overall positive impact to the business across the organization.


05.03.2019 / London


Deliver your sales and marketing strategy with a 12-month roadmap

Learn how to create your own strategic 12-month roadmap to deliver your sales and marketing objectives and drive your digital strategy forward. The event will show you how to develop a strategy delivered in an actionable document. Attend our free workshop in London on 5th March 2019!

Deliver your sales and marketing strategy with a 12-month roadmap 0