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Are you keeping up with the pace?

The B2B marketplace is experiencing a seismic shift.
You need to evolve and optimize.

B2B customers are beginning to compare their purchasing experience at work to their private B2C customer journeys more and more, with the majority of B2B customer journeys now beginning with online searches. With the decline of conventional marketing, businesses (B2B and B2C) are no longer in control of their transactions, their customers are.

This is why fostering a trust-based relationship through continued positive experiences with your customers is paramount. B2B businesses are already deploying and will continue to evolve established B2C eCommerce practices aimed at improved customer experience. Most productive new business acquisition methods today all revolve around customer advocacy and having a weak or no D2C capability at all is no longer an option. The B2B market is going through a digital transformation today. Players that recognise this trend, will resemble the future market leaders in their respective domains.

But, what does a shift in changing customer expectations mean for your business?

  • 1. Adoption of B2C practices is inevitable to remain competitive
  • 2. Weak or absent Direct2Consumer eCommerce capability for a B2B business is no longer an option
  • 3. Players with clearly defined and well supported digital strategy accelerate growth at 5x the rate of those who don't embrace the trend
  • 4. New business acquisition of today depends on unfaltering and uninterrupted delivery of positive experiences to customers
  • 5. When it comes to business retention - fine-tuned data-driven personalisation is of critical importance

Although vital for success in the new B2B marketplace, customer interactions are only half of the story - you must also optimise your business and respond faster to change.

However, optimising customer interactions is not solely contained to the storefront, neither it encompasses all the necessary changes. Internal business processes and TCO optimisation is the other side of the equation driving business profitability.

IT Department and Total Cost of Ownership

Transitioning to scalable, low maintenance, flexible and future-proof solutions on highly automated infrastructures will drive cost reductions Less system maintenance and operation effort demand will result in resource availability for better engagement with the business and innovation

Business Process Optimisation and Agility

Optimising remaining business processes with adequate tooling will increase business user engagement and job satisfaction, while freeing up time to focus on innovation and business growth

B2B Quick Live is a packaged offering of a commerce platform solution, strategic consultancy and system integration services by Portaltech Reply. Based on SAP Commerce, the most comprehensive B2B eCommerce platform on the market today, augmented by Portaltech Reply's cutting edge advisory in Customer Experience best practices, B2B Quick Live will enable you to bring more agility to your business and take your revenue generation to the next level, with only marginal upfront investment. All that, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership for your eCommerce operations.

At a time where the B2B customer is expecting a B2C experience, remaining without a strong Direct to Consumer commercial strategy is no longer an option. B2B Quick Live takes this pain away, enabling clearly defined and well supported strategy with the right tools to fine-tune data driven customer experience, streamline business processes and drive client advocacy.

What's in the B2B Quick Live package?

Maximise ROI, increase revenue and reduce cost with B2B Quick Live



Most comprehensive B2B capability on the market today based on SAP Commerce Cloud platform

Designed and fine-tuned for performance around your specific commercial model and business strategy

Clear and constantly evolving platform roadmap with ease of upgrade and extensibility



Highly Personalised Customer Experience

Extensive customer Self-Service capabilities

B2B-specific capabilities like Quote Management, Organisational Set-up, Budgeting, Re-Ordering, etc.

Digital and Sales Team channels alignment on basis of Assisted Purchasing practice



Cost savings from highly automated and scalable cloud-based infrastructure

Reduced cost and time to value for new feature delivery

Streamlined business processes and backoffice tooling

Meaningful and accessible Data Analytics for Management Decision-Making

"I think that the choice of an experience partner is very important. Portaltech helped us not only with development process by also gave consultancy and gave the best practice for the entire project."

Chief Product, Data, Ecommerce @ Everyting5Pounds

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Portaltech Reply is the Reply Group company, partner of SAP, that provides Customer Experience solutions. Portaltech Reply is a combination of eCommerce Omnichannel knowledge and outstanding technical expertise, that allows to work with clients on their eCommerce and digital retail strategies, operations and technologies, and develops world-class eCommerce solutions.