Portaltech Reply, Everything5Pounds and SAP Commerce Cloud Migration Panel

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Webinar Overview

Fashion retailer Everything5Pounds.com embarked on a programme to expand to new market segments as part of its business development strategy. The final goal of the programme was to reduce the time to launch in a new market, achieving auto-scalability and improving stability of the platform, and simplification of architectural landscape through better utilisation of SAP Commerce.

Portaltech Reply was engaged to upgrade the existing version of SAP Commerce platform to its latest version to then be able to migrate from an on-premise infrastructure setup to the SAP Commerce Cloud V2, as well as provision of business process optimisation advisory.

Any business currently employing an on-premise SAP Commerce solution is encouraged to consider migration to SAP Commerce Cloud solution in order to increase solution utilisation, agility and scalability while reducing TCO. This session will provide a showcase of recent implementation, discuss some of the migration benefits and outline Portaltech Reply’s proposition in this space.

Why watch?

Watch this webinar to gain insight into the project, its overall scope, target and high-level objectives:
  • Version upgrade to the latest version of SAP Commerce required for the subsequent migration to the SAP Cloud environment
  • Extension of the running platform capabilities improving existing integration and introducing new one to cover new business scenarios to support new markets and business scalability
  • Simplify the deployment process leveraging on the SAP Cloud console functionality for build and deployment management
  • Provide a seamless and consistent experience to end-users across all existing and future brand websites
  • Provide runtime visibility of customer transactions to business for quick and informed decision making
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    Portaltech Reply

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